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Hello everyone, I wanted to give a shout out to Dr. Ryan Assal of the Caledon Denture Clinic! I suffer from Lupus & Sjogrens disease and since my 20's have lost half of my natural teeth. A few weeks ago, I lost another one in the front of my mouth. I looked like a hillbilly, and being a woman felt really down & depressed. I guess you can say I was finally glad to wear a mask in public. lol

I was recommended to Dr. Ryan by Dr. Mindy Gelfand of Bolton Park Dentistry who is also a extremely fine dentist. I can't say enough of the care and concern and amazing teeth and smile I have now because of these two very caring people.

Dr. Mindy for shedding a tear with me in compassion and sympathy, and "Ryan" as he likes to be called for giving me back my smile and dignity. For all those you know and even yourselves who made need to fix your smile either one of these caring individuals can help. I highly recommend them in their fields. Ryan can be found at The Caledon Denture Clinic here in Bolton off of William St and Hwy 50 beside Strantengers building, and Dr. Mindy off of Parr Blvd at Bolton Park Dentistry. Here's a picture for a good laff...

Irene Poczynek-Chunu

He is simply the best!

I am a 53-year-old woman and had bridges and dentures since grade 8 because of an unfortunate accident. I have never had such a beautiful smile in my life and comfortable as well, I wish I had met Ryan Assal when I first started wearing dentures. He is the most patient denturist I have ever met and his attention to details is incredible. He makes you feel very comfortable and when he says he will not be happy until you are, he means it, he followed up with me the day after I picked up my dentures which were on a Sunday and I was able to go for an adjustment that same day. No one in all the years I have been wearing dentures has ever followed up with me and worked with me until I was happy. Dr. Assal gave me my confidence back which I had lost many moons ago, I now have a permanent smile on my face and don’t hide my mouth anymore, he gave me a denture lift and took 10 years of my face! I highly recommend Dr. Assal.


Thank you for your dedication, warmth, attention and excellent work! 
Johanne Tarditi 

In January of 2015, I was looking for a denturist for a bottom partial. When going to my chiro in downtown Bolton I had noticed the Caledon Denture Clinic and decided to give them a call. I am so glad I did! The service was excellent and so very accommodating.

So now with many THANKS to Ryan Assal and Suzanna at the Caledon Denture Clinic, I have my smile and self-confidence back! I am no longer self-conscious anymore! I had decided to replace the upper as well. The new beautiful dentures Ryan made for me are a perfect fit and the day I put my upper in I literally cried I was so happy! I could not stop smiling that day! Finally, after 2 years I had an upper denture that fits like a glove and looks the way I was promised. It does not look like a denture and therefore it is not as obvious I have an upper denture, and the new denture is without all the bulkiness of the previous denture (it made my mouth feel full all the time which felt awful and made me very self-conscious). However now since the day, I put in my new dentures I find myself smiling even more. I hardly feel this new denture it is so comfortable. I am no longer afraid to eat, speak or laugh as I know my denture will not move or fall out of my mouth anymore and so I no longer hold my hand in front of my mouth just in case. I can eat so much more as well now that I have a good fitting bottom partial denture.

I recommend to anyone who is looking for great service and quality great fitting dentures to contact Caledon Denture Clinic. For me, it was so worth the drive to Bolton from Brampton. I truly thank Ryan and Suzanna for this positive experience and making me feel special and beautiful! 

Cynthia Gallup

A grateful and satisfied customer would like to thank Ryan Assal for his outstanding service. He assured me that he could make dentures that would fit and hold with my implants. In just three weeks, he made the most beautiful dentures. His skills and attention to details are amazing. I do know the difference. For years I have struggled with my dentures ( I had three sets in total not one was proper.) My confidence was shattered. because of my new dentures from Ryan Assal, I can finally eat and smile with confidence. 


For 30 years I hated my smile, I would go out of my way to NOT smile. I always said that if I ever got money I would get my Hollywood smile. Well I won a small amount of money (enough to finally get that smile.) I went to Ryan Assal, he was great, I told him of my 30-year dream and he explained everything that he would do to accomplish this for me. My big concern was that they did not look fake, he did an amazing job. My teeth look and even better, feel great now. I can’t help myself, I smile everywhere I go.


Thank you 
Ryan Kelly Verner

I would like to tell everyone who is considering dentures to visit Ryan. He is a perfectionist when it comes to making and fitting dentures. I now own the most comfortable dentures ever thanks to his phenomenal attention to detail and his patience when it came time wearing them, I don't even realize I have them in. Keep up the amazing work.


Thanks for my smile, 
Linda Tantalo 
Bolton, Ont

I am a 72-Year-old man that had to have my teeth replaced after my dentist Dr. Manzon removed 98% of my teeth. My denturist Ryan Assal took over & worked gently & professionally on my mouth to give me my new teeth. He took me through the whole process so I would understand everything which to me was very important. Mine follow up after my teeth were made and fitted was nothing short of Rolls Royce service I now can eat corn on the cob. I will pass all my friends who need a denturist to go to him. FIRST-Because I am a satisfied happy customer.


Gordon Bannister

Brampton, Ontario

I have had dentures for a long time now. Before I met Ryan Assal at Caledon Denture Clinic I was constantly at the Dentist Office having my dentures adjusted or repaired. When Ryan Assal made my dentures, to my amusement, they fit me right away. In no time at all, I was used to them. There was no pain, no adjustment, no “next visit”. Caledon Denture Clinic staff is friendly, patient and extremely helpful. If you need new dentures made well, fast and affordable please choose Ryan Assal.


Elizabeth Kowalczyk 
Mississauga, Ontario

It is with great pleasure that we the undersigned wish to endorse the Caledon Denture Clinic, namely Ryan and Liisi. I, being the Mr. of the family, have worn partials for 45 years, and have never enjoyed better service. She is the Mrs., required a unique appliance, and received a one-off that only Ryan and his extraordinary abilities could create. If all of the aforesaid is not enough, we find them a delightful couple to do business with.


Sincerely, with love and respect 
Paul Klinkhammer

My husband and I have both attended the Caledon Denture Clinic, and not only have we received excellent care for our individual needs, but Ryan and Liisi have also welcomed us as a part of their family. Ryan’s work is excellent, from color match to fit, in comfortable surroundings. Liisi does her wonders at the front desk, taking care of all our billing needs in a professional and friendly manner.


Good luck and best wishes to you both, 
Sheryl Klinkhammer

I was extremely pleased with the professional manner in which you and Liisi conducted my visits to your clinic last year. During the initial consultation, you were helpful, you answered my questions and informed me of my options. Within a short period of time thereafter, imprints were taken and any required adjustments were performed as a result, my beautiful smile was completed before the holidays. Excellent work! I will have no hesitation referring your services.


Carolina Mischke 

“Ryan and I have been working together to serve patients in Caledon for the past seven years. As a dental technologist who specializes in fabrication of dentures, the dentures he makes always fit very well, with minimal adjustment required.”

Dr. Bernard A. Mahaise BSc, 
DDS Caledon Dental Care

Laure Lirette 

Carolina Mischke 

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