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Flexible Dentures? Never heard of them. 


Caledon Denture Clinic provides free consultations! After visiting us, you may find that as per your needs, you may be recommended to wear flexible dentures rather than full dentures. There could be many reasons for why you should wear flexible dentures, but that doesn't mean that they're meant for everyone. On average, flexible dentures can be more expensive than normal dentures, but they're worth the cost!

Benefits Of Flexible Dentures

There are Many benefits to Flexible Dentures! The following list is the most noticeable benefits/ differences between conventional dentures and flexible dentures: 

  • Comfortable fit

  • Easy to wear and remove

  • Flexibility lets you eat more of your favorite foods

  • Easy to clean

  • Extremely strong and durable

  • Lightweight

  • Little to no pain/discomfort

  • Almost invisible to the naked eye

  • Easy to speak while wearing flexible dentures

  • When worn, it looks like you have a full set of natural teeth!

Everyone's mouth shape and personal needs are different. This means your flexible dentures will need to be custom made, depending on where the denture will rest and how it will be supported. Because of this, we take great precaution and care when making your dentures, since a good pair of dentures can ensure you're happy with your smile and you still enjoy eating, speaking and laughing, while a bad pair of dentures can become uncomfortable and ruin your day to day life.



We guarantee your satisfaction with your pair of dentures, and if you aren't happy we'll fix them free of charge! Call us today to learn more or visit us in person for a free consultation!

How Is my Flexible Denture created?

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