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We're Located in Caledon!

Caledon is a municipality in Ontario, that contains many small cities. Caledon is known for its beautiful scenery and wildlife. There are many trails and attractions in Caledon, where you can experience wildlife and greenery firsthand. Caledon has an extremely friendly community made up of people willing to help one another! As residents of Caledon, we care about the environment and our community, so we do our best to keep it clean and healthy. There are many points of interest in Caledon, like the ever flowing Humber River, and the many well kept parks. These attractions serve as excellent places for picnics and social gatherings. We encourage you and your loved ones to experience the beauty of Caledon!

Caledon Denture Clinic is located in Bolton, Ontario, a small city in Caledon! We are located in a bright plaza near the Albion Bolton Community Centre and Food Basics Shopping Plaza! We sit right on HWY 50 at the top of the South Hill, and we have some awesome entertainment and food stores nearby. We'd like to thank Caledon for all of the love and support they give us all-year round, we appreciate you! We'd also like to say thank you to all of our clients, we take pride in our work and how it makes you feel, and we hope you feel proud too! 

Our Address 

6 William Street (at Hwy 50) 

Bolton, ON  L7E 4T8

Contact Information

Phone: (905) 857-1114

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